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A leading privately-owned firm in Jordan, Kawar Group is a wide-reaching entrepreneurial venture with multiple business interests across a diverse range of sectors. Established in 1955, Kawar Group traces its roots to the late Amin Kawar’s establishment of the first pharmacy in the Kingdom, marking the Kawar family’s initiation into the world of enterprise. Soon after, Amin’s son, Tawfiq Kawar, launched a small shipping agency in Aqaba. Since then, the family business has grown to encompass many companies, with a staff of over 800 talented employees and while maintaining a prominent role in shipping as well as travel and tourism, logistics, trade and industry, renewable energy, project development, real estate, healthcare management and supplies, information and telecommunications technology and more.

Inspired by the same entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated by its founders in the mid 20th century, Kawar Group’s dynamism and adaptability have been key in developing its longstanding reputation as a flexible entity, ready to capitalize on opportunities wherever and whenever they appear. Keeping a sharp eye on developments and market trends across sectors, Kawar Group is always keen on seeking new investment opportunities, establishing itself over the years as a reliable partner in success.

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Kawar Group; Since 1955

Kawar Group traces its roots to the pioneering business spirit of its founders in the mid 20th century. Today, the Group represents a large entrepreneurial venture with multiple business interests. The Group dynamism and adaptability to transformations in the business environment and its pursuit for progression in technology and market trends makes it the partner that you can always rely on for success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver world-class, value-added services and products in all the areas where we do business while striving to be the best at all times.

Our Business

Kawar Group is considered a large corporation with business interests in diverse sectors including shipping & transport, travel & tourism, information & communication technology, healthcare management, as well as many investments in infrastructure, energy and other industries.

Our People

Kawar Group's most important asset is its people. We consider our capital to be 800 talented employees of the highest caliber in the market, well trained and dedicated to serve our clients and determined to continuously improve their credentials.

The Kawar Way

By thinking the Kawar Way, we believe in delivering innovative solutions that take care of all our clients.

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